You are about to create an aesthetic
& strategic

Elevate your brand from a disorderly
DIY design to a visually stunning
and professionally crafted identity.


If you struggle with...

  • Feeling proud of your branding and sticking with it long term.
  • Feeling indecisive about brand visuals and have trouble deciding on one direction
  • Creating effective graphics for your business that look professional and build trust without taking hours to create.
  • You have good taste, but anything you design doesn't turn out the way you envisioned.
  • Using graphics in your marketing and designing in a strategic way.

This course will give your the skills, confidence and tools to create a compelling long lasting brand and strategic professional graphics with ease.

Feel confident putting your brand out into the world and look like an established business.

Create all your own marketing graphics on demand.



Using in-depth creative brand strategy to approach your branding

with purpose and strong foundations. So you can create a long lasting impactful identity.

Start looking professional, build trust and create a brand you are proud to share.


The ultimate branding framework for creatives to:

  • Craft your brand identity with intentional strategy. Learn how to design a brand identity with meaning and strategy behind it, so that you attract and connect with the right people and create a style that outlasts trends. Set strong brand foundations.
  • Design your core brand elements. Become your own brand designer, and design your own brand elements such as your logo, font and colour choices, icons, patterns and graphic elements.
  • Create a brand style and guidelines. Create a consistent recognisable brand, with a solid style guide that directs all brand graphic decisions. Giving you an easy reference guide for quick graphic creation.
  • Be your own designer, creating all your brand graphics and visual presence. So you never have to rely on a designer. You will be able to confidently and quickly create your own graphics as soon as you need them (not when you designer has time to create it) and at no extra cost!

Create a polished and professional image for your business.

Stand out amongst the noise and have your
unique story intertwined into your brand.

Build trust with your dream customers.

If you have tried to design your own visual branding and feel it looks unprofessional or you constantly get that itch to change it.

If you constantly struggle to have clear direction, and are worried you will end up with a messy brand, that tries to combine everything you like.

It is time to stop admiring other peoples beautiful branding and create something of your own that is unique, timeless and beautiful that you will be proud of and feel confident to use. Something that makes you look like a professional brand that people can trust.
No more being stuck in this limbo of wanting to get started with your branding but not knowing where to start. Build a brand on solid foundations and confidently become your own designer.


8-Step Brand Elevation Process

The 5 Pillars of Branding


Speak with Colour


Making Your Mark


Cohesive Brand Design


Brand Guidelines


Be Your Own Designer


Visual Messaging Model


Launch Your Brand


"Oh my goodness yes! This course changed everything and I'm so happy to have found it and pushed myself to finish it.

The course is very in-depth. It totally could be priced higher for the value I got from it, but getting it for what I paid meant I didn't hesitate.
Before taking the course I kept changing things and getting stuck and second guessing myself. Even the whole direction of the business had all these tangents. It was pretty but didn't make sense.

It was so in-depth and made me look at what is really important to me and how I can connect my unique self with my customer’s needs. Taking this time to go through all the questions and think things through made ideas and thoughts clear to me that I wouldn't have taken seriously before.

This course changed everything for me in that I wake up every morning excited to work on my business.

I'm no longer apprehensive that I'm working on the wrong thing. Starting a new business is challenging and there's lots of room for self-doubt and wandering into “instant inspiration”.

This course aligned my vision with my mission and I feel confident and excited to get to work on a business I'm proud of.

The brand values and business identity section was a lot for me to get through and I realised it was because I was resisting. I was apprehensive about putting my story on paper and making it part of my brand story. Once I put the work in I felt even more clarity around how I can serve my customers.

Now I love my brand style! It's bright and alive and sophisticated. A style I wasn't sure how to capture before. What is interesting is that I had wanted to use some of the colours and fonts I ended up choosing, but wasn't sure how they would work in the past. While taking this course I let myself try the looks I was holding myself back from. I now understood how my taste and style is something my customers are seeking and that I don't have to force myself into a look that doesn't represent what my brand is all about.

Thank you so much for all the work you put into it - it's really a wonderful experience that came into my life at the perfect time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Andrea Victory-LaCasse
(Define Your Brand's Style Student- The precursor course to Brand Design School)

Elevate Your Brand

Be seen as the professional creative talent you are.

Understand how to position your brand and communicate your value with a cohesive style.

Let your brand guide the way you approach every aspect of your business.

Let your creativity shine.

"I’m much more confident now. I feel like I have a cohesive story to tell now and that makes the actual design process much easier."

- Sara Gisabella
"Just defined my niche. Amazing! I have only just started out in my business and it's helped me more than I ever thought! So
excited. Bring it on 😎"

- Courtney Beeren

You wake up and check your Instagram account.

Everyone else seems to know what they are doing. Their images are always consistent and beautiful. You head to their website to read their blog and it flows seamlessly together. If you spot their post on Pinterest you right away know who created it.

They have something unique. A style that seems to tell their brand’s story. Their brand looks established, professional and trustworthy.

Their style draws you in. And it seems to work it's magic on their audience as well, as they are always booked out and making big profits.

How do you achieve that for your own brand? You want to create a brand that draws people in, inspires them, connects with them and converts.

You open up Canva and mess around for hours.
You are overwhelmed with all the options and tempted to change things up over and over.

You need direction before your brand looks like everything but the kitchen sink. But you love so many things.
How could I ever condense that all into one look?
Why is it so hard to design for yourself!! How do turn your vision into visuals that truely align with who you are and who you want to attract?

Attract Your
Dream Audience
and Feel Confident
about Your Brand.

build a consistent, memorable brand AND ELEVATED graphics

Be seen as the professional creative talent you are.

Understand how to position your brand and
communicate your value with a cohesive style and strategic graphics.

Create a brand that looks legit and established.

Let your brand guide the way you approach every aspect of your business.

Build trust and look like a business that knows what it's doing.

Imagine Your
Brand Being Adored.

You slip on your cosy fluffy slippers and boil the kettle.

As you sip a warm cup of coffee in your favourite handmade ceramic mug, you pick up your phone.

Your inbox is inundated with messages from your loyal customers, who just bought your latest offering.

They adore your brand.

Your brand speaks to your audience so clearly.

They fell in love with you and all you offer the moment they laid eyes on that stunning brand of yours.

They want more of it. Every time you put out something new they grab it up with great anticipation.
Your story resonates with them and they feel you really get them.

Your brand looks professional and trustworthy, and people feel confident to invest to you.

Your brand fills you with confidence to show up as your best self, and it guides how you approach every aspect of your business.

You can have a stand-out,
unique brand identity even on a budget.


It's time to create a strong brand and stand out graphics. Forget the surface level Pinterest board and 'pretty' branding. If you are tired of having a brand that looks like everyone else's or unprofessional.

If you really want to stand out in your industry but also have something that feels true to you. A brand based on deep strategy. Strategy that will lay the foundation for every aspect of your business, even beyond your visual identity.

This course dives deep into brand strategy to create a strong, stand out identity, that speaks clearly to your audience and attracts and connects with the perfect customers.

Then we will dive into the world of visual marketing, so you can confidently become your own designer and design effective graphics that grow your business and get your message across clearly.

"Such great takeaways! Thank you for sharing these (so key)!! I love the message that branding is more than your logo and colors (though, those are important as well) and encompasses your message and story. I love your work and the way you make visual branding human and break it down."

Kim Argetsinger
"Probably the most helpful online course I’ve found.  I have read so much and never really found any that provide really in-depth processes.  With a limited budget it is really hard to make sure you’re presenting your best, so I really appreciate your generosity in this... I feel like I’m the closest to ‘me’ that I’ve ever been, as well as understanding my brand and philosophy etc!"

Xanthe Grundy

What's inside

Take a look

What's Inside


8 Modules

Video lessons and Tutorials

Lesson Note PDF Workbooks

✓ Work at your own pace
✓ Choose the format your learn best (watch or read)
✓ Activities to apply what you learn
✓ Lifetime access
✓ Hosted in Teachery
✓ Community to get feedback and ask questions


Hi there, I'm Tabitha Emma


After over a decade of designing brands and websites for creators like you, I now equip small business owners with the tools and processes to create and take control of their own branding.

I want to see creative's thrive and flourish, and be seen as the professional talents they are.

Creating something unique and filled with personality, character and story. I can help you bring your vision to life.

I've worked with hundreds of happy clients, including...

You will learn

The 5 Pillars of Branding- Brand Foundations.

In this module you will:
- Define Your Focus (Find your niche)
- Define your Personality (Putting you into your brand)
- Define your Brand Identity (Brand story, values and mission)
- Identify Feelings your brand evokes and Actions you Inspire
-Create a final Mood Board

Speak with Colour- Creating Your Palette

In this module you will:
Learn how to communicate with colour
- Learn the science of colour and how to put together a colour palette
- Discover how to maintain colour consistency
- Create a colour mood board
- Put together and test your final colour palette

Making your Mark- Designing a Logo that Lasts

In this module you will:
- Learn how fonts communicate and tell stories
- Learn how to pair fonts
- Design Your Logo (includes Canva, Illustrator and Affinity tutorials)
- Create Submarks and Logo Variations

Cohesive Brand Design- Brand Elements

In this module you will:
- Learn how to tell stories with images
- Learn about different brand elements and how to create or source them

Brand Guidelines- Creating Style Guidelines

In this module you will learn:
- The purpose of a brand style guide
- What your guide should include
- How to put your guide together

Be your own Designer- Design Fundamentals

In this module you will learn:
- The basics of design
- The rules of design that help you design better
- How to compose a layout
- How to work with type
- How to work with imagery
- he design process
- How to critique your own work and spot problems

Visual Messaging Model- Sell with Visuals

In this module you will learn:
- How to choose your marketing channels
- How to Brand your marketing channels so they become a face of your business and a base for your visual marketing
- Making a visual marketing plan
- How to create engaging graphics
- How to plan a visual marketing campaign.

Launch Your Brand- Put it into the World

In this module you will learn:
- How to create an impact and become known for something
- How to plan and execute a launch plan

You'll also get these bonuses:

Canva Secrets
Video Series

Become a confident Canva user,
with this library of Canva tutorials,
taking you from the basics to the
more advaced tricks.

Style Guidelines

Create your brand guidelines
quickly with a pre-made template to
use as a starting point.
Based on the strategy you will learn.


Get all your questions answered,
and all important feedback on your
design work (yes I will be there
helping you through).
"I loved how in depth it went with finding our purpose.

Before taking this course my brand was pretty much a mess. I tried out different things but a few weeks later I would be unhappy with it and start over again. I was taking different courses, buying different materials to try and help me to get clarity on my brand and the story I want to tell with it, but somehow I always got stuck at certain points. I was slowly circling in on my voice and direction already, but this course helped me push past those points where I always got stuck.

I’m much clearer now on my brand voice and the story I want to tell with my brand.

This was the part I was struggling with the most but now I have a better idea of what my brand can be. Your prompts and questions really helped me to work through these struggles and push past the points in which I would always get stuck.

It was most challenging to really dig deep since I’m still very new in business, but I feel that the course guided me through it quite smoothly. Overall I truly enjoyed this course and I’m sure I will come back to it from time to time to align my brand again.

I’m much more confident now. I feel like I have a cohesive story to tell now and that makes the actual design process much easier.

My biggest struggle wasn’t the design aspect of it, but finding my brand voice and story and this course has helped me so much with that.

This isn’t the first branding course I took, but it’s the first one that really tackled designing for yourself, which is different than designing for someone else. This course was really exactly what I needed to help me focus on my story, my voice and what I what my brand to be.And for the abundance of content and materials, the price was an absolute steal. I’ve taken more expensive courses and didn’t get as much out of them as I got out of this course.

I just want to take a moment and say thank you. This course really helped me and it came at the perfect time.

Thank you"

Sara Gisabella
(Define Your Brand's Style Student- The precursor course to Brand Design School)

Ready to Transform Your Brand?

According to Forbes-
"Plenty of agencies integrate design with messaging. You tell them what you your business is about and what you want to communicate, and they put it into words, make a tagline, and design an identity to match... If you have a great foundation, a branding agency that has marketing savvy can enhance your brand’s existing positioning in the market. A small agency that does both can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 and up."

Then there is the ongoing cost of designing graphics.

No one knows you and your brand better than yourself. Take control of your brand and graphics. Create something that truely encapsulates your brand story and allows you grow and make an impact.



I'm not tech-savvy. Can I still benefit from your course? Yes! This course is designed for everyone, regardless of your tech skills. I break down complex concepts into easy, actionable steps. By the end, you'll not only have stunning visuals but the confidence to create them, no matter your tech background. Plus if you are stuck you can always ask questions in the group, so don't let software skills hold you back.

I'M NOT A DESIGNER, AND HAVE NO DESIGN SKILLS, WILL THIS WORK FOR ME? Yes! This course is designed for any type of creative/small business owner, with or without design skill. I will take you through the whole design process from start to finish. I'll teach you not just the 'how' but the 'why' behind each design choice. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can create professional-looking visuals, even without a design background. It's about unlocking your creativity, not your design degree.

DO I HAVE LIFETIME ACCESS? Yes! This course will be hosted on Teachery, and you can work through it at your own pace, and return to it as often as you like. If I ever move platforms, you will be notified and I will make sure you can still access the content. You will also have access to any updates at no extra cost.

Why should I invest in learning design INSTEAD OF HIRING a professional? Absolutely, hiring a designer is a great option! However, through this course you'll gain the power to express your unique brand vision confidently. Think of it as an investment not just in design, but in understanding how to authentically represent your business visually. Even if you hired someone, you will always have ongoing graphics that you need to create, so having design skills can be highly valuable. Not to mention a huge money saver!

How can design really impact my business success? Design isn't just about aesthetics; it's a silent spokesperson for your brand. This course will show you how strategic design can attract your ideal audience, enhance your message, and set you apart in a crowded market. It's the secret weapon to stand out and connect with your customers on a deeper level.

What if I don't have a clear vision for my brand yet? Perfect! This course is not just about design techniques; it's a journey to discover and refine your brand identity. We'll guide you step-by-step to gain clarity on your message, target audience, and unique selling points. Design becomes powerful when it aligns with a clear vision – we'll help you find yours.

Can't I just use design templates available online? Templates are a great start, but they lack the personal touch your business needs. This course teaches you the art of customization, ensuring your brand stands out authentically and tells your unique brand story. It's not just about designing; it's about creating a visual language that speaks uniquely to your audience.

I'm afraid I won't have time for this course. How much time does it require? I understand life gets busy. This course is designed to be at your own pace, take as long as you want to go though everything, and keep coming back to it, there is no time pressure as you have lifetime access. Plus, the skills you gain will save you time in the long run by streamlining your design process.

I've never thought of my brand as a story. Why does that matter? Your brand is a narrative that connects with your audience emotionally. This course teaches you the art of storytelling through design – creating a visual journey that resonates and connects emotionally. When customers connect with your story, they become loyal advocates. It's not just about products or services; it's about building meaningful connections.

How can design impact my small business differently than big brands? Small businesses have a unique advantage – authenticity and deeper connection. This course is tailored for small businesses, guiding you to leverage your unique personality and story through design. Learn to turn your size into strength, creating visuals that tell your genuine story and resonate with your specific audience.

Will I learn how to use design software? Yes! While knowing your way around software isn't going to make you a good designer, it will make you more confident and quick once you know the rules and strategy behind designing. In this course I give you the option to use the software you prefer, and give examples using a few different types of software as well as providing a guide to help you choose what is best for you. If you want to use the most beginner friendly software, you will also find a bonus section full of Canva tutorials.

For further questions.
Send me your questions in the chat, on the right hand corner at the bottom of the page. I will get back to you promptly by email. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EMAIL IN THE CHAT SO I KNOW HOW TO REPLY TO YOU

You will gain Clarity, Confidence and Consistency.


Have a brand that tells your story, communicates your message & attracts the right people. No more comparison because you have a unique style.

Know exactly the right style for your message, personality and business. Forget feeling uncertain and wanting to constantly change things.

Create graphics that will be consistent, recognisable and memorable. No more wasting time messing about with your graphics.

It has been life-changing!

I've started putting those principles into use and I can already observe a difference in my work. The grid formula has been my favourite :) "

Hasina Khatib
"It's made me even more excited for what I’m doing. It was easy to understand with the visuals when it came to the logos and breaking down the mood board step by step. The font portion was also super helpful because normally when I’m looking to do an ad for  something I just do what I like but I don’t really think about what it actually conveys. Taking the time to talk about thinking what I want my audience to see was super helpful"

- Noah Wheeler

Take a peek inside

"I loved the depth and visual explanation, as I'm a visual learner. I learned a lot of fun knowledge about using people in ads, fonts and feelings and logo comprehension.

I feel more confident about my design skills now.

This course really takes the guess work out of ads and logos. I have a better understanding of how to improve and build my business logo. The explanation of brand detail was spot on, more then I would think to explain to a client if I made graphics for money.

It made me realise how much work goes into building a brand and the steps we take."

Teeney Marley-

"This course has opened my eyes to the things I have been neglecting and also what I have been doing wrong.
I realized why I have been loving and saving other people’s designs while mine lacked that impact. They have been following the hierarchy rules and leading my eye to clicking in subtle ways.
For a long time I wanted to understand how their graphics worked and mine lacked that oompphh! Now I know why because of this valuable course.
I have downloaded graphics from other people including from this course that were so aligned and wondered how to achieve mine. I was also guessing and just placing text as long as I was done. I can’t wait to recreate my workbook with this system and see the difference it will make visually. I never put into account the principles of design when I was creating the workbook. I didn’t have a clue about any of this because design wasn’t my thing. I’m glad I learnt about this now. I can’t wait to refer back to them every time I’m designing a graphic."

Lesson 4 tied everything nicely with a bow on the mistakes to avoid and the fixes I needed to make with my design. I never put into account the principles of design when I was creating the workbook. I didn’t have a clue about any of this because design wasn’t my thing. I’m glad I learnt about this now. Thank you for the bonus lesson on animating graphics and the design pdfs. They are so good and can’t wait to refer back to them every time I’m designing a graphic."

Jacinta Amutsa

Before  I would use Canva templates or just try to come up with something on my own.

I loved the course so much! There were a lot of examples from real businesses and that was really helpful to me.

I feel more capable and like I have more options. All of my graphics looked almost identical before and now I'm more confident in my ability to create different graphics that still match my brand. Tabitha makes me feel more confident in something I have always felt mediocre about. She makes me feel like I can design good graphics for my business.

It always surprises me how much content I get from Tabitha Emma's courses. Even the free courses have so much information. I always save the information and my notes and go back over them because I never learn it all the first time through. It's a lot of value but still not overwhelming. If you're on the fence, I would tell you this is a good investment for your business. There's no way they know everything Tabitha Emma has to offer and you will learn something that will help your business.

Brigette Henry-

You can keep doing what you are doing,
wasting time on graphics that never look good enough
and never feeling content with your brand.


You can follow a structured process
and learn the rules of design
making nailing your brand style a breeze and
giving you a unique brand identity of your own.
Plus the confidence to be your own designer.

Ready to Create a Compelling
Brand and Graphics?

Instant Access to the 8 modules,
with video lessons, workbooks and templates
and the community to get valuable feedback.

- Lesson Note Workbooks
- Video Lessons
- Tutorials
- Resources

Choose Your Plan to
Become Your Own Designer

Pay in Full

Lifetime access to all the course content-
All the training and tutorials to take you through the process of Designing Your Brand and Becoming Your own Designer (value $1800)

Lesson Notes and Workbooks, so you can work through the material and apply it to your brand. (value $800)

BONUS: Canva Secrets (value $400)

BONUS: Brand Guidelines Template ($23)

BONUS: Community with ongoing support and design feedback from an experienced designer (i.e me!) ($1500)


value $4523

ONLY $450


Payment Plan

Lifetime access to all the course content-
All the training and tutorials to take you through the process of Designing Your Brand and Becoming Your own Designer (value $1800)

Lesson Notes and Workbooks, so you can work through the material and apply it to your brand. (value $800)

BONUS: Canva Secrets (value $400)

BONUS: Brand Guidelines Template ($23)

BONUS: Community with ongoing support and design feedback from an experienced designer (i.e me!) ($1500)


value $4523

ONLY $150/m