Create gorgeous professional graphics for your business with ease & confidence

Without Hours of Training, HEADACHE OR CONFUSION

No more spending hours agonising over a graphic. Start designing confidently.

Before learning graphic design, I would pour over magazines and copy layouts.

Design felt like a mystery.

How did they come up with these layouts? How do they make it look so good?
It looks simple and easy but I can’t pull off work like that. While I experimented a lot, I wanted to know the secrets to design.

Once you understand the principles, rules and process of design, it all falls into place easily.
You can create designs that look good quickly, and can more easily spot why something feels off about a design.

You can design with intention and have greater confidence in what you are doing.

Being able to design for yourself, doesn’t require a fancy design degree or expensive software
or even someone telling you you are good enough or creative enough.

You simply need to know what you want to communicate, and the rules of design to help you put it together in a simple cohesive way.

I'm in!



With 'Design Better Graphics', there is no need for hours of design training.
You will learn how to design like a pro in just 4 days.

Make your graphics look professional on a budget

Save time and create quality graphics quickly, as you need them. No waiting on a designer or fussing over a design for hours.

Using a professional designer could cost you $300+ per month to keep up with your graphic needs.

You want to be able to create quality designs at the drop of a hat, when the idea strikes or as soon as you want that content out there.

Confidently create and tweak your own design work.

When you go to create graphics something always feels off, and it always seems to take too long to design even simple graphics.

You want to look professional and design with ease and confidence without spending hours.

But you might believe...

  • That good design is expensive, and the only way to look professional is to hire out. Yes a good designer will be worth the investment, but guess what? You can learn to create professional quality designs yourself.
  • You need a design degree or years of experience. It's not something you can learn overnight. While becoming a professional designer, working for clients can take time to master, designing for yourself is much faster to learn. You are solely concentrating one just your brand, and you only need to master designing for YOU.
  • You need to be really creative to have any chance at design. Actually.. everyone is creative, and design is a skill that can be learned.

Tired of spending hours on a graphic and still not feeling happy with the final result?

What if there was a way to quickly improve your design skills and know the trade secrets to creating beautiful graphics, so that you could create beautiful graphics on the fly with confidence?

That is exactly why I created 'Design Better Graphics', to quickly give you the tools and know how to create beautiful professional designs quickly on the fly.

In as little as 4 days you can be creating professional designer level graphics for your own business, with confidence by following my 4 step process.

"I signed up for your design better graphics course and honestly, it has been life-changing!

I've started putting those principles into use and I can already observe a difference in my work. The grid formula has been my favourite :) "

Hasina Khatib
"This course has been really helpful and it’s actually made me even more excited for what I’m doing. It was easy to understand with the visuals when it came to the logos and breaking down the mood board step by step. The font portion was also super helpful because normally when I’m looking to do an ad for  something I just do what I like but I don’t really think about what it actually conveys.

Taking the time to talk about thinking what I want my audience to see was super helpful."

- Noah Wheeler

you will

  • The simple trick that will get your audience to take notice and take action
  • How to make sure your layouts always look good without fail
  • The quick fixes that can transform a design from amateur to professional
  • How to keep your graphics consistent to establish a strong recognisable brand identity

Imagine being able to create beautiful graphics at the drop of a hat.

Your news feeds starts filling with updates about something that has suddenly happened. Things unfold fast, you need to share your businesses response to the situation, so you quickly open Canva and create a graphic to get your message out there.

You suddenly have an opportunity to put a new offer out, the timing is perfect, you have the attention of an influencers audience watching, this is a big chance to grow your business. You need to create the promotional graphics fast. So you get to work and produce amazing visuals, and it sells like crazy.

You don't need a fancy design degree or expensive software to design professional graphics. My 4-step process will have you designing like a pro in just a few days.

"I loved the depth and visual explanation, as I'm a visual learner. I learned a lot of fun knowledge about using people in ads, fonts and feelings and logo comprehension.

I feel more confident about my design skills now.

This course really takes the guess work out of ads and logos. I have a better understanding of how to improve and build my business logo. The explanation of brand detail was spot on, more then I would think to explain to a client if I made graphics for money.

It made me realise how much work goes into building a brand and the steps we take."

Teeney Marley-

Get the tools and tips to easily create beautiful professional looking designs with ease.

"The lessons were so good that I couldn’t resist watching all of them.

This course has opened my eyes to the things I have been neglecting and also what I have been doing wrong.

I loved how you started with teaching about branding and the importance of a brand board. This came at the right time because I’m in the process of brainstorming ideas for how I would love my brand to look and feel. I loved how you listed all the elements needed and how to create them for a start with examples.

This was the in depth lesson I never knew I needed.

I realized why I have been loving and saving other people’s designs while mine lacked that impact. They have been following the hierarchy rules and leading my eye to clicking in subtle ways.

For a long time I wanted to understand how their graphics worked and mine lacked that oompphh! Now I know why because of this valuable course.

The Grid system was brilliant and can’t wait to make mine on Canva. I have downloaded graphics from other people including from this course that were so aligned and wondered how to achieve mine. I was also guessing and just placing text as long as I was done. I can’t wait to recreate my workbook with this system and see the difference it will make visually.

Lesson 4 tied everything nicely with a bow on the mistakes to avoid and the fixes I needed to make with my design. I never put into account the principles of design when I was creating the workbook. I didn’t have a clue about any of this because design wasn’t my thing. I’m glad I learnt about this now. Thank you for the bonus lesson on animating graphics and the design pdfs. They are so good and can’t wait to refer back to them every time I’m designing a graphic."

Jacinta Amutsa

Hi there,
I'm Tabitha Emma

After a decade of designing brands and websites for creatives like you, I now equip creatives with the tools and processes to create and take control of their own graphics and visual identity.

As a passionate creative, it brings me great joy to see fellow creative's thrive and flourish, and be seen as the professional talents they are.

I can help you confidently DIY your graphics, so that your can share your message, offers and attract the right people.

The 4- Step Design Skill Upleveling Process


How to Keep your Graphics Consistent to Establish a Strong Recognisable Identity

  • The tool help you stay consistent in your graphic style.
  • What to include, to make an easy reference.
  • How to work on missing parts of your brand identity.
  • The power of hierarchy in design.
  • How to design your graphics to lead the eye and make sure your graphic grabs attention and then leads the viewer to the call to action.
  • How to keep your viewers eye on the page.
  • The tools that make your most important details stand out.

The Simple Trick that gets your Audience to take Notice


How to Make sure your Layouts Always Look Good without Fail.

  • The simple tool that makes design easier and improves design.
  • How to use this tool and try different layouts fast.
  • How use this tool in your design software.
  • The universal design principles that improve your designs.
  • How to fix and avoid common design mistakes.
  • How to analyse your own work and spot flaws and improve layouts.

The Quick Fixes that can Transform Your Designs from Amateur to Professional

"I wasn't very good at designing things before, but now I feel more confident about having a go and I know that I will be able to create better looking graphics because I understand the elements better.

I loved simplicity of this course.  This course is very calming and very clear in its instruction.  I didn't feel frustrated or lost.  

There's a beautifully calming feel to this course and that is a lovely way to learn.

Everything was explained beautifully.  I didn't feel like there wasn't anything I didn't understand or felt lost at all.

I now have a great branding board and a better logo for my business.  I feel that with a little more practice using what I have learnt in the course that I will be able to create exactly what I need for my business and for my clients.

I feel a lot more confident.  I now understand the basics of design and feel that I can create simple but eye catching graphics.

This course was simply lovely.  I would absolutely recommend this for anyone wanting to improve their graphic design.  This course is full of tips and tricks to make your graphics pop and be more pleasing to the eye.  

Best investment for anyone just starting out.  You wont regret getting this course!

Andrea Walker

Speed Up the Design Process with Clear Direction

Is this you?

  • You spend too much time on your graphics.
  • The inspiration just isn't coming
  • You can't seem to create what you had in mind
  • You fuss over design and they never feel quite right

This course quickly gives you the tools to move forward with confidence and demystifies the art of graphic design.

Wait there is more... The Bonuses


Problem to Professional- Using the design process to go from problem to pro graphic.


Struggle to get inspired? Not sure where to start? Feeling stuck when designing graphics? Learn the design process and get the tips for each stage to help you move more smoothly through the design process and get those gorgeous graphics out into the world.



Simple animation techniques to bring your graphics to life without needing fancy expensive software or hours of work.



Graphics that Move- How to Animate Graphics Without Fancy Software



I DON'T HAVE ANY DESIGN SOFTWARE SKILLS, CAN I STILL TAKE THIS COURSE? Yes! A basic knowledge of a design software, even Canva, is really helpful but the course is mostly about how design works rather then how to use design software, and what you learn can be applied to any software.

I DON'T EVEN HAVE A LOGO YET, WILL THIS COURSE HELP ME? Yes! This course is designed for any type of creative, with or without design skill. It is all about discovering your brand style and a direction for the look of your brand, along with design tips if you want to try create your final brand design yourself. If you'd prefer a designer to finalise things for you, this will give you the perfect foundation and confidence that when you hire out, that you will get something that perfectly communicates your brand.

DO I HAVE LIFETIME ACCESS? Yes! This course will be hosted on Teachable, and you can work through it at your own pace, and return to it as often as you like. If I ever move platforms, you will be notified and I will make sure you can still access the content. You will also have access to any updates at no extra cost.

WILL I BE ABLE TO GET THROUGH THE CONTENT QUICKLY? Yes! If you go through a lesson a day, you will be designing for yourself within just 4 days!

WHAT KIND OF GRAPHICS WILL I LEARN TO DESIGN? The course will guide you through creating social media, Pinterest and print graphics to promote a piece of content, and then you can go ahead and apply what you learn to any graphic you need in your business.

GOT MORE QUESTIONS? Send me your questions in the chat, on the right hand corner at the bottom of the page. I will get back to you promptly by email.

Is this for me?


PRODUCT SELLERS Yes! If you sell handmade products, products for another company or curate a collection of products to sell, and regularly create graphics (print or digital) to promote your products, events and to connect with and attract your audience, this course will help you create beautiful graphics to help you sell and attract.

SERVICE BASED CREATIVES Yes! If you offer a service either online or offline, this course will help you create graphics to promote your services, share your expertise and be seen as an authority and trusted professional.

COURSE AND DIGITAL PRODUCT CREATORS Yes! If you are promoting digital products online, this course will help you create graphics to share your expertise, promote products, share content and events. Positioning you as an expert and leader.

BLOGGERS AND CONTENT CREATORS? Yes! You want to get your content out there and seen by the right people. This course will help you create graphics that will attract the right people to your content and grow your audience.

VA? Yes! Want to support other creatives and help them with their graphics as well as create graphics to promote your own services, then this is the perfect course to get you. started.

You can keep doing what you are doing, wasting hours on graphics only to never feel happy with them.
You can follow a structured process that will finally give you the tools and confidence you need, so by next week you will find designing for yourself a breeze and you can whip up whatever you need at the drop of a hat.


Ready to confidently design your own graphics?

Design Better Graphics

You will get...

The 4- Step Process to Design Better Graphics.

Videos Lessons (value $185)
Resources and Templates (value $82)
and Workbooks with Checklists (value $69
) so you can work through the material and apply it to your own graphics.

Bonus: Problem to Professional- The Design Process walk through. (value $17)

Bonus: Graphics that Move- Animating Your Graphics (value $17)


ONLY $37

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